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About us



The construction industry and sites rely on the high skills
and experience of the craftsmen.
On the other hand, it is also true that
there are still redundant mechanisms within the industry.
With the power of technology, we will work together
to create a sustainable and productive platform,
unleashing the craftsman's true abilities
which were suppressed by the older and rigid systems into a society
where the skills of world-class craftsmen are fully utilized.
We believe that a society in which high abilities are truly demonstrated
and evaluated is a society with a future.


  • Customer Success

    Customer Success

    Customer success
    is our success

    First and foremost we commit ourselves
    to our customer's achievements.
    Client's success will bring about significant
    social change which eventually
    will connect to
    and become our accomplishment and growth.

  • Be Oneteam

    Be Oneteam

    Celebrate individuality
    while collaborating together

    Let's achieve as a team.
    While celebrating individuality,
    we work together
    towards accomplishing
    major milestones.

  • Extreme Ownership

    Extreme Ownership

    Possess an
    extreme ownership

    Have a strong sense of commitment
    towards all our work.
    Think critical,
    enjoy working,
    do one of a kind tasks
    while Increasing personal values.


Ideas behind the company's name

Aldagram was coined out of two words ALDER (a kind of tree) and DIAGRAM (a symbolic representation of technology). Wood is an indispensable source for producing oxygen and therefore for human beings too.
Similarly, for the construction industry, trees are an indispensable part of it. Indispensable to all, we want to be like the (Alder) tree that spreads its branches and leaves with the help of the strong trunk, while using the firm's core competency which is Technology (Diagaram) and the two words were put together to coin the term ALDAGRAM.

Ideas behind logo mark

The tree leaf is used as a motif to imply people untether their true skills by shedding itself from the old, realizing its full potential. Also with the use of Technology, we can spread information in a systematic and a meaningful manner. Add torch lights in areas which still continue to remain dark is the core belief behind our actions.

Executive team

  • CEO

    Hikaru Nagahama

    Co-founder and CEO

    Mr. Nagahama obtained an Executive MBA at IE Business School. As a co-founder of FAS, which was established by one of the largest law firms in Thailand. Mr. Nagahama has 6 years of experience in M&A business in Southeast Asia, as well as experience studying abroad at a graduate school. He worked for a real estate company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and had led the PMI for the construction company acquisition.

  • COO

    Shogo Atsumi

    Co-founder and COO

    Mr. Atsumi joined LIFULL, a famous real estate company in Japan, after graduated Waseda University. He had experienced project management with multiple projects as director of one of the biggest real estate platform called ”LIFULL HOME'S”. He had engaged in planning and driving in new business area specialized in pre-owned real estate and renovation.

  • EO

    Shinji Ito

    Executive Officer

    After graduating from Keio University, He joined Sysmex Corporation. Following the completion of an MBA at IE Business School, He joined McKinsey & Company, where He worked on a wide range of projects including sales, marketing transformation, cash flow improvement, and procurement reform.
    In August 2021, He joined Aldagram Inc.

  • Independent Director

    Masaya Suzuki

    Independent Director

    Mr.Suzuki joined Sumitomo Corporation in 1998. He was involved in the establishment of MonotaRO Co., Ltd., and in 2012, he assumed the position of Representative Executive Officer and President.
    In 2022, he became Board of Directors for Aldagram.

  • Independent Director

    Atsushi Fujii

    Independent Director

    Joined Jafco in 2003 and was engaged in venture investment until now; partner of the company since 2018. Mr Fujii was ranked #1 in Forbes Japan's BEST10 most influential venture investors in Japan 2021.
    In 2021,he became Board of Directors for Aldagram.

  • Independent Director

    Yudai Yamada

    Independent Director

    Mr.Yamada joined GREE in 2012. In 2016, he joined Incubate Fund. In May 2018, He became independent and co-founded Full Commit Partners. With a highly hands-on approach, He executed investments in 24 companies.
    In 2019, he became Board of Directors for Aldagram.

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1-chōme-1-1 Shibaura, Minato City, Tokyo


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