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2022/07/24Press release

Aldagram announces English release of leading project management software KANNA for international markets

TOKYO, July 25, 2022 - Aldagram Inc. has announced the launch of an English-language release of KANNA, its leading project management software solution for international customers. The release of the English version is the first step in providing multilingual and localized solutions for global markets.

■ Background
Since launching KANNA in July 2020, Aldagram has driven productivity improvements by supporting non-desk workers in the construction, real estate, and manufacturing industries through addressing following issues caused by traditional work style:

・The management of disorganized document and photos in the construction industry exchanged through fragmented means such as phone or email
・Time-consuming information management and security concerns due to project management being conducted through chat tools primarily designed for private use
・Inspection and survey results documented on paper in the field that need to be replicated digitally again in the office
・Time-consuming manually-created reports that include photos

Over the course of conducting international market research and meeting with companies in non-deskwork industries, Aldagram has found that the challenges listed above are commonly shared across markets. As requests for the introduction of KANNA have increased in number, the decision was made to expand overseas, with the first English version released as the first step towards multilingual support.

Aldagram has already received inquiries from companies in more than 10 countries, including trial users, and plans to add further multilingual support in order to promote the introduction of the application in various countries in the future.

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